Before and After- Master Closet

I love doing closet projects.


Maybe it’s because I’m a female, and maybe it’s because I LOVE to shop. I understand that strong desire to collect shoes, clothes, handbags, coats, belts, jewelry, etc. And I totally identify with the dilemma of whether or not to donate that dress that I spent a pretty penny on yet haven’t worn since 2005…

That’s why I believe it’s super helpful to have someone hold you accountable as you’re purging and organizing your closet so that you save the classic A-line skirt, but toss the parachute pants. (Unless you are adding them to your costume bin.)

This project was a blast, and the client was excited to purge, which always makes my job that much more enjoyable. She had a built in shoe shelf in the closet, but the dresses hanging over it made it impossible to see or use. So we just switched the pants with the dresses and voila!


I also picked up some of these fabulous handbag organizers with a cute green print at the Container Store. I hope heaven has a Container Store…sigh.


Another issue in this closet was the folded clothes situation. My personal belief is that all folded clothes need to be contained. In a drawer, in a bin, whatever- they need to be contained. Let’s be real- maintaining a perfect stack of folded clothes that you need to access regularly just ain’t gonna happen.


For a space that is used multiple times a day, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to make it fabulous?

Happy homemaking!


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