Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t Try This At Home

Most of the time I will be posting organizing tips, favorite products I use, and awesome before and after pictures of my organizing projects. My goal in all of this is to share the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the years and to also open a dialogue between other home-makers, organizers, and neat freaks like me. We all want a home that is warm and inviting and runs more efficiently, right?

Well, sometimes, I am also going to post about my absolute failures.

I am under no delusion that my home-making and organizing skills are flawless. And if there’s a chance I can help you avoid my mistakes in the future, then it is worth it to share my hour of humility.

That being said. THIS is how I spent my Sunday afternoon.

A literal lint explosion in my washing machine. Who knew that a Chenille blanket could shed. THIS. MUCH.


I mean, this stuff is EVERYWHERE!!! I had to literally pull out every single piece of laundry individually and shake off as much lint as I could before throwing it in the dryer. Here’s the nice pile of lint that accumulated just from that process:


I honestly had the fleeting thought of just buying all new towels and rags because the cleanup process could not possibly be worth salvaging this load of laundry. But then I felt guilty and decided to own the mess, because it turns out that this mess was indeed my own fault.

Next, I had to clean out the washer. The lint was really attracted to those hundreds of tiny little drainage holes. (Rolled up duct tape worked amazingly well for this task, by the way.)


So, of course, all the lint I’ve cleaned up so far is maybe only half of all the lint that came off that lovely chenille blanket. The rest is still clinging to my laundry, tossing in the dryer. And because, you know, I do NOT want my house to burn down, I had to set my alarm for every 5 minutes to remind me to go and remove the accumulated lint from the lint tray. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 times!

Now that my ranting is over…for the moment… I would love to get your suggestions on what to do with the culprit behind this lint fiasco:


Do I throw the blanket away? Do I painstakingly remove all the little pieces of lint and try to salvage it? Do I light it on fire for all the grief it’s caused me?

Bottom line: Don’t wash your Chenille blanket with other laundry.

You’re welcome!


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