Before and After- Another Master Closet!

I had the privilege of working with one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, and the experience has reminded me of one of the reasons I LOVE my job so much: the people. Of course I love to organize, and I get a little thrill when I get to bust out my labelmaker, but it’s the people and their stories that make my job…well, less of a job.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and even in those first few introductory minutes you realize that you want to be friends-for-life with that person? And be more like them? That’s what this client was like for me, and I am beyond grateful to have met her. It truly felt like a divine introduction, as if God had known I would need her at this specific time in my life not only as a client, but also as a mentor and a friend.

She even asked me at our consult how I take my coffee, because she was going to have a Starbucks ready for me when I showed up to work. I mean, who does that kind of stuff anymore? That small graceful gesture has left a huge and lasting impression on me, and I find myself thinking of ways I can serve her well in the future.

She was also SO excited to get her home organized, and had a great energy from start to finish! We started with her closet… take a look!


Again, it is amazing to me the difference that uniform hangers can make. So much more streamlined!


With the changing of the seasons, it was a great time to organize the closet. We made sure to pack away all the winter clothes and shoes in plastic bins, which made plenty of room for her spring and summer wardrobe.


She had these awesome shelves tucked away in the back of the closet, which turned out to be perfect storage for the out of season clothing and shoes!


With her winter wardrobe tucked away, we gained an empty shelf!


These shelves were transformed into Handbag Central. Again, love the handbag organizers at Container Store! They are super helpful for small purses, clutches, and those bags that just don’t want to stay upright.


These shelves were mainly used for jewelry and extra bath products. I found those cute linen boxes at the Container Store and used them to organize belts, cosmetic bags, and glasses.


I can’t wait to show more results from this project!

Happy organizing!




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