Before and After- Another Laundry Room!

This was a really fun laundry room project. There was storage out the wazoo! (Yes, “wazoo” is a word. Go look it up.)

The morning I planned to start this project, there was a bit of an unexpected hurdle. Water was leaking from the ceiling and down the wall behind the cabinets. It turned out to be great timing for this organizing project, because everything had to come out of the cabinets, anyway!

Here’s a thought… if your home is struck by an unexpected disaster, how easy will it be for you to rescue your belongings from damage? If your things are already organized and contained, it will be undoubtedly easier for you to move your things to safer ground.


Again, choosing the right containers can make all the difference in an organizing project. Many times people choose shoebox bins to contain items that simply won’t fit. They end up taking the lids off because the items won’t fit, and then the lids get stashed somewhere else. Thus creating more clutter.

I love using these small white baskets to contain small bottles, cleaning products, rags, nail polish, etc. They are plastic, making them easy to clean if something spills. They are also open at the top, making it easy to reach in and grab the one item you need. I only use bins with lids if I actually intend to use the lid, as they are great for stacking and maximizing space in your cabinets.


Of course, purging is essential in every organizing project. Half of these cleaning products were old, leaking, or just simply not being used anymore. Then I arranged what was left into categories. Keep the laundry products you use often on the lower shelf and within easy reach. Once again, the Lazy Susan is a great organizing tool! I a few of them here for household cleaners and miscellaneous laundry products.


Label your bins to help remind yourself (and everyone else in your home) where everything belongs.


Organizing is like a big puzzle. In this house, because we had created enough space in the master closet, there was an obvious space for the client to keep her keepsakes and memorabilia. Then as we came across keepsakes in the laundry room, we knew EXACTLY where they needed to go! This is the part of organizing where the client starts to join me in my enthusiasm in a project. They begin to see the pieces coming together and the evidence that organizing will actually bring peace and order into their life. They feel the worth of the tiring purging process.


Organizing your drawers can be super easy when you have the right tools. I love these clear drawer organizers! They come in several different sizes so you can always find just the right fit. (I use these in my own kitchen drawers, too!)



Get your mops and brooms off the floor by installing a wall hanging system. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!


Catching the bug, yet?

You want to get organized, too…don’t ya?

Well, keep reading, folks! There’s a lot more organizing information on the way!


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