Before and After – Garage Refresher

I LOVE organizing garages in the fall! The weather is beautiful, and it’s a great time to work on outdoor projects.

This garage was lacking some storage, so I picked up some plastic shelving from Home Depot. They were super easy to put together, even for a tool and hardware-challenged individual like myself.


My goal for every garage project (and really any organizing project, for that matter) is to get as much stuff off the floor as possible! We first went through everything, purging and donating and relocating items until they were sorted into the right categories.


After getting this area (see below) cleaned up, I had the idea of turning the work table into a “staging area” for things that were either leaving or entering the house. It’s perfect, because the table is right next to where the car is parked, ready to be unloaded. The stroller sitting on top will be lent to a friend. One of the other bins is filled with things to donate. Another bin can be used for things that need to be returned to various stores. A lot of families have items that need to go somewhere else, but they’re not quite ready to make that errand run. A staging area like this is a great idea to help manage those “goes elsewhere” items while keeping the inside of your home clutter-free!


Tip: What do you do with all that old or extra paint? First, every time I have a new room painted, I keep track of the paint swatch, then note on the paint can which room it was used for. However, if you’ve decided to toss your old paint, you can do one of two things. Either take the paint cans to your local BOPAE (Batteries, Oil, Paint, Antifreeze, Electronics) recycling center (for Williamson County residents, click here for more info!). Or, you can fill the paint can with kitty litter until the paint is dried up. Then throw it away in the normal garbage!

The best part of this garage refresher? It only took 2.5 hours! Just goes to show how quickly you can get your organizing projects done with a little extra help 🙂


Happy Fall, Ya’ll!


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