Before and After – Overflow Closets

Extra storage spaces can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you have the space you need to store your stuff. A curse because you may have trouble designating which space is for what stuff.

A recent client and I decided to make this the “Dress Up Closet” and fill it with vintage and keepsake dresses and costumes for her granddaughters to play with when they visit. We added old family pictures and knickknacks to the shelf, making this closet even more fun!


The next one was designated as the “Out of Season” closet, where all of her summer clothes currently reside.



And finally, we did the same thing for this closet, except it will store bulky winter garments that aren’t quite ready to be worn yet.



Bottom line: Claim your space! Tell your stuff where to go, and give every space a purpose.

Happy organizing 🙂


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