Confessions of an Organizer: My Bathroom Cabinets

This has gone on long enough.


Even my husband looked under my bathroom cabinet saying, “And you call yourself an organizer?!”

So mean, am I right?!

Except, well…I guess he was kinda speaking the truth.

Why is it so hard sometimes to simply sit down and organize a space? I think sometimes we get overwhelmed with the visual aspect of the clutter, and our brains can’t logically process HOW to make the space look better. Maybe there’s an element of lazy in there somewhere, or I’d really rather do something else. Maybe I procrastinated doing this project, reasoning with myself that I didn’t have enough time or the right supplies…however:

Truth #1: This took me like 30 minutes to finish.

Truth #2: I didn’t need any extra organizing supplies. None. Nada.

I just had to put this project on my to do list, and then actually DO it! I feel so much better now that it’s done:


Also, here’s a “Before and After” snapshot of my bottom drawer that had gotten a little out of control:


And I LOVE these clear drawer organizers! I have them in my kitchen and bathroom!


I hope you are encouraged that even this seasoned organizer has several projects on her to-do list! Isn’t there a saying that talks about how every plumber has a leaky faucet? Well, this organizer always has a space that needs to be organized! My attic is next…that one is definitely going to take longer than 30 minutes, but will be well worth it. I recently needed to find something for an important event that I was 100% certain was in a keepsake bin in my attic. This item could not be found anywhere, and the ensuing frustration has motivated me to re-do the way I store keepsakes and memorabilia. Something to look forward to!

Happy organizing 🙂


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