Attic – Before and After

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to get these attic dormers organized! With six weeks until Christmas, this client was going to need access to her gift wrap and holiday decorations. Now all her decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, ribbon and bows are neatly contained and organized!





Attics actually really creep me out, so I had to muster up the courage and don my yellow rubber gloves to go crawling and digging through these spaces! That’s one reason why I insist on having everything contained in attic spaces- if I can SEE everything clearly, then there’s nothing to fear… like spiders and rodents and the boogeyman. (I don’t really believe there’s a boogeyman.) But if I have to dig through a pile that could very well be the home of some unseen creature? Nuh-uh!

I’d have no problem going into these attic dormers now! Mainly because everything is contained and easy to grab- no crawling or digging necessary!

Happy organizing 🙂


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