Before and After- Office and Craft Room

This one room needed to be a lot of things to a lot of people. It functioned as office, homework station, craft room, artist studio, and gift wrapping station. I loved working with this client, because she has beautiful taste and is incredibly creative and artistically gifted. And I love that she recognized she needed help! (That’s the first step to clutter recovery, right?)

This client also gets a lot of praise because she and her husband did some prep work before I even got there! I had suggested they make space in the attic for the larger bulky seasonal decorations, which cleared a TON of space. The solution for storing the large, bulky, seasonal pillows? Ziploc Space Bags, baby!








One thing a lot of parents struggle with is what to do with all the artwork and projects that come home from school. They know the backpacks need to be emptied, but what do you do with all the stuff? Some of it is special… some of it, not so much! This is where I suggest that every single family member have a bin for their keepsakes that is stored in the attic. You can keep smaller bins on a more accessible level of the house, but once it’s full, empty it into your larger keepsake bins in the attic.

What’s your method for managing kid’s crafts and paperwork?

Happy organizing 🙂


One response to “Before and After- Office and Craft Room”

  1. Wow!!! You worked some magic on that room! You made it fabulous!!!

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