Before and After- Overflowing Storage Room

I might be running the risk of sounding like a broken record, but I absolutely LOVE working with this client! We have so much fun working together, talking and laughing as we barrel through clutter.

These two days of organizing were dedicated to making her storage room functional again! This happened around Thanksgiving, so it was essential that we make this room accessible for storing her beautiful holiday decorations. She and her husband did an amazing job assembling sturdy shelving that would allow us to maximize the vertical space in the room as well as create safe pathways.

The pictures hardly do this project justice, but if you focus on the flooring, you notice the “paths” we were able to create.

IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3630IMG_3617

After all our hard work, it was so rewarding to be able to walk down “aisles” that used to be big piles of clutter! And to see everything stacked neatly on the shelves- WOO to the HOO! Now all of her storage items are “zoned” so that she knows exactly where everything is, from holiday decorations to gift wrap to family keepsakes.

Do you have attic anxiety? Storage room fright? Never fear. The organizer is here!


Happy organizing 🙂



One response to “Before and After- Overflowing Storage Room”

  1. It is absolutely incredible. We had a great time, didn’t we? Thank you Jesus for helmets. Thank you Stephanie for making it so effortless for me to find & store my belongings. The gift wrap station is by far one of my most favorite zones. And now my family knows exactly where to find what they need!

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