Before and After- FAST Garage Project

I’m always telling people that they can get a lot more accomplished in a lot less time when they use an organizer. But this garage project took even less time than I anticipated! I think I quoted my client 6-9 hours to get this garage in shape.

(Disclaimer: Not sure why these photos did not get labeled. Before’s are on top, and After’s are on bottom. And I’m juuuuust lazy enough to not go back and re-edit them :))

IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478

Guess how long it took? 4 hours. That’s right! Granted, the gal I was helping has the “organizer” brain, so this kind of thing comes naturally to her, too. But it also goes to show you that sometimes you need that outside perspective get the project done!

Anyone else out there have the “organizer brain”, but can’t quite manage to get anything done?

Happy organizing 🙂


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