Before and After- Dinosaur Duplex

Can you tell I’m running out of creative titles for these before and after posts? Help!!!

This girl has become one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s this flipping awesome hair-stylist with a spunky personality (note the dinosaur in the kitchen picture) and ridiculously generous heart. She is also the only person I know that uses plastic baggies as a filing system:



Oh, and there’s a designated kitchen cabinet just for beer growlers, so I’m pretty sure our husbands would get along just fine.

Suffice it to say, I had a blast organizing with this gal! She wanted to spruce up the house as a surprise for her husband who was out of town. (Excellent idea.) We started in their downstairs hall closet and worked our way through the rest of the house!









I am Organizer, hear me raaahhhrrrr!!!

I crack myself up.

Happy organizing 🙂


One response to “Before and After- Dinosaur Duplex”

  1. Rachel Fontenot Avatar
    Rachel Fontenot

    And you crack me up too!

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