Moving Project: Off-Season Closet

Moving-in projects are one of my favorite kinds of organizing jobs. It’s like starting with a blank slate, where I get to put everything into place exactly the way it should be. This client was blessed with an abundance of closet space that included a guest closet upstairs that could be utilized for storing “off-season” clothing and shoes.




A lot of my clients will look at this type of scene and feel completely overwhelmed. They have no idea where to start, and imagine the process of unpacking and organizing will take forever. And that’s where you “win” with an organizer! An experienced organizer can visualize the outcome, breaking down a large project into manageable steps. You might feel overwhelmed at the sight of this, but the organizer in me feels energized! This is what I love to do; and I do it on a weekly basis, honing my organizing skills with every project.

There is such a sense of relief…satisfaction…and yeah, a little pride, when my work is done and I’ve claimed my victory over the clutter! I think I’m addicted to that feeling now, always looking forward to the next organizing “high”. (Cue my husband to start scurrying to hide his belongings. If I don’t have a project lined up, he knows his office is next!)

So go ahead- be my enabler, and hook me up with some clutter, yo!

Note to self: I should not ever again say the word “yo”.

Happy organizing 🙂


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