A Little Peek Inside the SHA Office

I’ve had some time (and motivation) recently to spruce up my home office. It’s amazing how subtle changes can make such a big impact- like hanging pretty things on the walls.


David and I hosted a “get together” for several of our friends, and I wanted to make sure the house was looking its best. Having people over is always a great excuse to get something done around the house, giving you a self-imposed deadline of sorts.


My dear friend and artist Rachel Fontenot is the creator of all these beautiful pieces: the paper flowers, collage, and cross stitch piece. I love that her art is now a part of my every day life! Isn’t she marvelously gifted?


This is one of those daily habits that rescues me from a paper pile up! So simple, but very effective. When you don’t have time every day to file things right away, set up a “quick file drop zone” with labeled folders of the papers that cross your path the most often. For me, those categories are Business Projects, Keys to the City (passwords and log-in info), Receipts, Coupons, and Personal Projects. This is a great way for me to empty my purse and clear the kitchen counter in a quick yet organized fashion.


I feel like almost every house I’ve organized has at least one of these cubby-shelf systems! And why not? They’re awesome! I found these cute bins at Home Depot, and I love that they have inserts for custom labels. Haven’t gotten around to actually labeling them because the contents keep changing! But they are great for wrangling all the odds and ends that migrate into my office.


Found these decorative letters at Hobby Lobby, and I’m SO tempted to buy the S, H, and A! What do you think?

Happy organizing!


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