Before and After- Laundry Room

Organizing this laundry room was so much fun!

Although there is a lot of storage space, this particular laundry room also has to serve a lot of functions: incoming mail, kids’ school and extracurricular activity papers, office supplies, cleaning supplies, house utility items, gift wrapping, pet paraphernalia, oh- and laundry. Any multifunctional room can serve as an organizing challenge because you have so many different things and purposes competing for space, and it can be tricky to prioritize which items get prime real estate.


3 key elements to take away from these B&A pictures:

  1. Don’t be afraid to move large pieces around. We moved the printer because the lid wouldn’t open all the way because it was under a cabinet. It was a simple fix to move it to the island where there’s no overhead cabinet.
  2. Extra cords don’t need to take up prime real estate. 99% of the time, people keep the main cords they use plugged into an outlet where they charge their devices. Store extra cords in a box on a high up shelf on the off-chance you need them. And if you can’t remember what device they go to…toss em!
  3. This laundry room has a follow-up project where we’ll set up a desktop filing system to help with incoming mail. Read here to see how I handle all my paper!

What are some of your laundry room challenges?

Happy organizing!


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