My Favorite Organizing Tool: The Lazy Susan

As most of you know, I have organized many a house using my favorite organizing tool: the lazy Susan (a.k.a. turntable).

It can be used in so many spaces, and I thought I’d try to capture just a few of them here on the blog!


Organize: Spices

I keep 2 lazy Susans in the cabinet above my stove. That is where I store the spices, salt and pepper, olive oil, and other condiments I cook with frequently. I think it’s SO much easier to use a lazy Susan for spices than it is to use a tiered shelf. Just a little swish, and round it goes, making it simple to find what I need!



Organize: Pantry

Our pantry is a decent size, but the sections to the left and right beyond where the door ends make it awkward to reach the items stored there. But with a lazy Susan, you can maximize any unused or awkward space! Stick it in a weird corner, and magically all the items on it are easily accessible.

(More on pantry organization here!)


Organize: Cleaning Supplies

Try using a lazy Susan to organize your cleaning supplies! Because I’m a neat freak, I also arrange my bottles from tallest to shortest!


Organize: Bath & Beauty

If you have a small cabinet under your bathroom sink or a linen closet, it makes sense to use a lazy Susan to corral all the bath and beauty products you accumulate! I like to buy certain hair products in bulk, and a lazy Susan helps me see what I have already.

I just realized that most of the products I arrange on on a lazy Susan tend to be messy! So using a lazy Susan is just another added layer of protection from spillage on your cabinets and shelving. Win-win!

Other ways to utilize a lazy Susan:

-Craft supplies (glue, glitter, ribbon, paint tubes, etc.!)


-Water bottles

-Mason jars

Laundry products

-Nail polish

Go ahead, give it a whirl!

What’s your favorite organizing tool? Leave me a comment below!

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