Ready to get organized? Here’s how to get started!

Hey there! I’m Stephanie, and I LOVE to organize stuff! There is something so immediately gratifying about transforming a space and making it functional while also being visually appealing. I’ve been working as a home organizer since 2010 and running my own business since 2013. (More on how I got started as an organizer here!)

This blog features all the things I love! You’ll find great organizing before-and-after pictures, travel tips and ideas, recipes, and things for your home. 

Simply Home Aid is about bringing help to the home. It would be my privilege to help you with yours!


Stephanie Loy
Owner, Simply Home Aid


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have so many places full of crud and I am not a good organizer…I find it exhausting! BUT I have 4 kids and desperately need some help to conquer these crazy areas! How does the process work? Do you charge by the hour? Let me know, I’d love to start somewhere!

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