Before and After- Laundry Room

This laundry room project had a quick turn-around.


The entire process took (…drumroll, please…) less than 3 hours! Therein lies the beauty of inviting a professional neat-freak organizer into your home. You might look at a pile of clutter and think, “That would take me ALL DAY to finish!” But in the hands of an organizer, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a functional space.

The top shelf wasn’t being utilized well, and you could find lightbulbs in multiple places around the house. By containing ALL the lightbulbs into one place, the top shelf now has a clear purpose, and the pantry gained some extra space without all the piles of lightbulbs crowding the cereal boxes. Lightbulbs are a great thing to store in a container on a high shelf because they are lightweight and don’t need to be accessed very often.


Sometimes the most valuable attribute of an organizer is a fresh pair of eyes. Just by switching two storage pieces made the spaces way more functional. Now, all the laundry products are right next to the washer, and cleaning products are in the stand next to the refrigerator.


This cabinet was stuffed with rags and old cleaning products. Half of it was discarded, making room for the products this client actually used. Now that I examine the “after” picture of this cabinet, I would suggest the client pick up a Lazy Susan for some of those cleaning products on the top shelf. Love those things. I use lazy susans for spices, condiments, bath products, and cleaning supplies.

Tip: Most of the cleaning products you can see are typically the only ones you use. (Actually… that rule applies for a lot of things around the house…)

Happy Laundry Day!


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