Master Closet Organizing Overhaul

I feel like Marie Kondo would be so proud of me in this moment!

I actually thought about her a lot as I was organizing this closet. Even after purging 26 trash bags of clothing and miscellaneous items, the top hanging rod was still too tight. Instead of moving sections of clothing around, we had a second round of purging where an additional trash bag made its way out.


Now for the FUN pictures!!!

My general rule of thumb when organizing hanging clothes is to arrange them in this order: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, collared shirts, and cardigans. Sweaters are folded and stacked, if possible. Then I arrange by color (ROYGBIV), then beige, brown, white, gray, and black.


When it comes to hangers, I LOVE to have them all uniform! I absolutely love the look of wooden hangers, but some other great options are simple white plastic hangers or velvet hangers.

(I spy with my little eye… an organizer photo bombing her own before-and-after pictures. Sheesh. Thanks for nothing, mirror.)


It made sense in this closet to hang vests and jackets alongside the dresses, given the variety of lengths.


My new favorite way to store and organize scarves? Fold them in drawers!

Jewelry will be organized in the next phase of this project. I realize it can be tempting to hang everything on a little Command Hook, but what you end up with is a bunch of wall clutter. Command Hooks are awesome, but best when used sparingly 😉

We added two shoe storage shelving systems (say that three times fast!) on top of the existing one to maximize the wall space. I love these shoe shelves because the height in between the shelves is tall enough for high heels and wedges. Also, the mesh shelving is solid so your stiletto heels won’t fall through. Love how it turned out!


Ideally, all shoes would be stored and displayed together. But sometimes a closet layout just doesn’t lend itself to that approach, so we stored more of the off-season boots and shoes on a shelf towards the back. They’re still accessible, but not in a prominent location.


A few tips to get you started:

  1. Utilize baskets to store purses, totes, and travel bags. You can find these linen handbag organizers and the small bin at the Container Store.


2. Arrange shoes toe-to-heel to save space and allow you to see the full design of each pair.


3. Fold clothing in drawers so that they stand on end like a file system. (More on that here.)


4. Label drawers with cute tags.


Whew! This closet project took a lot of hard work, but the end result was SO worth it!

How’s your closet looking these days? Any favorite organizing tools?

Happy organizing!


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